Update history


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Volume and MPR rendering speed.

2. The Progress Bar UI has been changed.

-List of Bugs that are fixed

1. A bug that has minus value in 'total visualized volume' and 'porisity' after sculpting volume.


-New Functions and Improvements

1. The automatic synchronizing feature of Main view and Panorama view is added.

2. In Settings, user can choose to keep the state of MPR flip button.

3. 'Save Project As' feature is added in Saving Project.

: The existing 'Save Project' is overwriting feature.

4. Reformat view

: The result of pore detection is included in Reformat view.

: When exporting as video, it is possible to set the play speed of video.

: The minimum unit of the interval of slide is changed.


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Database and PACS Client

: Using database, user can store/manage volume and can retrieve/transfer volume by connecting to remote PACS using PACS Client.

2. Volume segmentation

: It is possible to visualize by using different OTF with volume segmentation.

3. Alignment mesh and volume

4. Pore filter function

: User can check pore detection result in real time according to conditions to be set, without redetection.


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Reformat View

: It is possible to export MPR slice and 3D Rendering image. User can customized spacing and thickness of slice, camera direction and range for exporting. Customized image can be exported to Jpeg, Wmv, Dicom file or sent to PACS.

-List of bugs that are fixed

1. Setting for MPR slider bar in pore detection setting window is incorrect.

2. Pore detection error.

3. Program termination in deleting pores after displaying pore information.


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Object Tree

: Pre-existing Object List and Measuring Instruments have integrated into Object Tree. Object List and Measuring Instruments have show/hide function.

2. Magnifier

: MPR screen image around the mouse pointer is enlarged.

3. Add the function for hiding MPR line.

: Click a mouse on MPR panel and press the Space Bar to hide MPR line of corresponding panel. Press the Space Bar again to display it.

4. Add the function for PDF: 'Export as PDF' button.

-List of bugs that are fixed

1. When detecting pores, long on one side pores are appeared.


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Display the boundary line of object on Pore Detection View.

2. Add the setting button for object area on Pore Detection View.

3. Improvement: Speed for adding pores.

4. Use about four times memories of maximum volume when extracting pores. (For extracting 2G volume, 8G memory is needed.)

5. Add the function for setting the cross section (Front, Right, Top) on Pore Preview.

6. Change pop-up menu order of right-clicking for pore information. ('Delete', 'Move to selected pores' => 'Move to selected pores', 'Delete')

7. Add the function for selecting the pore information display on Pore Detection View.
: It is possible to decide whether to display the pore information on each panel (Front, Right, Top, 3D).

8. Improvement: View loading screen

9. Add a Dicom information view.
: When clicking 'i' button on right upper of the screen after loading Dicom file, Dicom information is displayed.

-List of bugs that are fixed

1. Problem that miscalculates the boundary area of volume when adding pores.


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Export multi slice image :

Functions that sets direction, range, distance, thickness of slice and exports image.

2. Improvement : Accuracy when adding pore.

3. Add the function that exports MPR plane to video(*.WMV).

(Export Data => Volume determined by the Rendering Direction => Rendering Image through OTF => WMV)

4. Improvement: File Preview progress bar

5. Add the color mapping graph for pore size on MPR plane.

-List of bugs that are fixed

1. 3D rendering and X-ray volume visualization have not run normally.

-New Functions and Improvements
1. Import CAD DATA (support igs, iges, stp, step file)
2. Improvement: Loding speed for file preview

-List of bugs that are fixed
1. Program termination in reading 0 byte, Raw file in File preview.
2. vx3, x3d file do not run in Window Explorer.
3. Pore detection error
4. Despite same parameter, detection results are different when redoing pore detection.

-List of bugs that are fixed
1. Shutdown problem when using video function.
2. Button problem for function toolbar when using video function.
3. Problem overlaying pores
4. Miscalculation of pore midpoint
5. Problem that the position of cross-sectional slices is not displayed.

-New Functions and Improvements
1. Display the Parameter for pore detection on the pore report.
2. Change the term from ‘Diameter’ to ‘Max Diameter’ in pore information

-List of bugs that are fixed
1. Error occurring with saving in configuration.

-New Functions and Improvements
1. Detecting pore have become faster.
2. 'Diameter’ has been added to Pore information.
Diameter means a diameter of the smallest sphere that contains pore and major axis length of pore.
3.‘Pore information’ has been added to pop-up menu for right-clicking in pore report.

-List of bugs that are fixed
1. Pores are not appeared when the threshold is 0.00.
2. Small pores are not displayed on volume rendering
3. The previous version has stopped working when setting the previous version (VX3D 2.6) after deleting the lasted version.

-New Functions and Improvements
1. Adding pore have become faster.
2. When selecting pore, the selected pore is highlight-displayed to check on 3D panel.
3. Option for saving the pore detection parameter has been added.
4. Pore Information has been displayed on  four panels (Front, Right, Top, 3D) at the same time.
5. ‘Move to selected pore’ has been added to pop-up menu of pore information.

-List of bugs that are fixed
1. When MPR moves on Cross-sectional slices in panorama view, other panels are not updated.

-New Functions and Improvements
1. Highlight effect for the activated window.
2. Capture operation supposed to register the capture image in Report View.
2. Flip option refinement to synchronize MPR line movement.
3. Configuration option for free placement of MPR plane.
4. Optimized rendering speed of path animation play
5. [Dental] Implant information label on MPR panel and object management panel.
5. Additional log for user operations in communication.txt

-List of bugs that are fixed
1. 3D filter crash for a large volume over 2GB.
2. Abnormal exporting problem for a large volume over 2GB.
3. Too long loading latency time for loading files in file preview window.
4. Unit synchronization issues.
5. 3D previews including 3D UI objects (now showing only a main object)
6. CPU rendering crash problem when using sampling-ratio option.-List of bugs that are fixed