Various view

VX3D provides various view containers: the Main View, Panorama View, Tile View, Report View, Path Animation View, and customized solution View such as the Pore Detection View(Add-on module),. Each view has some common and unique controls for its purpose.

- Main View : This is the basic view of VX3D. Users can connect to other views by clicking the buttons on main view.
- Panorama View : Users can visualize a 1D nonlinear curve plane of the volume as a 2D image.
- Tile View : Users can see MPR planes which are arranged as images.
- Report View : Users can print reports using formats provided by VX3D, with additional comments if needed.
- Path Animation View : Users can create an animation using various VX3D functions.
- BGA Inspection View : Users can inspect BGA on the PCB and manipulate the data.
- Pore Detection View : Users can manipulate and control the detected pores.


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