VX3D is the 3D visualization software from the 3Dii range of products for the analysis of various volume data. VX3D offers various volume processing functions such as segmentations and registrations while providing intuitive and real-time 3D volume visualization. VX3D also provides users with very refined user interfaces with various measurement tools and powerful reporting functions for analysis.

VX3D has been developed for industrial CT applications targeted on non-destructive test (NDT). VX3D also has special add-on solutions such as VXPI (porosity detection module) and VXEI (electronic chip inspection module), sharing common platform of VX3D.

VX3D can be used for other volumetric scanning systems (e.g., CT, MRI, PET,… ) for the purpose of bio-medical and scientific usages. Almost of functions provided by VX3D can be combined with control software of the system manufacturers. Moreover, VX3D provides customized layout design for their own visualization software with the same update service of VX3D.